Flag your eTitle as Lost or Stolen

In addition to documented authenticity and value retention, Trusted.com eTitles can also benefit customers in the unlikely event that their item is lost or stolen.

eTitle owners have the ability to instantly report a lost or stolen item through their Trusted.com account. Updating the eTitle status to “Reported Lost or Stolen” indicates that the item has been lost or stolen and the sale/purchase of the item is strongly discouraged.

Flagging your eTitle with a lost/stolen advisory status can aid law-enforcement in tracking the identification of the re-seller and protect potential buyers in the re-sale market.

How to Flag your eTitle as Lost or Stolen:

1. Go to http://www.trusted.com and click the Sign In button.
2. Sign into your Trusted.com account.
3. Select ETITLES. 4. Select the MANAGE ETITLE button next to the item to flag. 5. Select the REPORT LOST/STOLEN tab. 6. Enter the date of incident.
7. Enter description of incident into “Additional Information” text box.
8. Select the SAVE button.

Should the item be recovered, the advisory status can be removed by logging into your account and selecting the ITEM RECOVERED button on the LOST/STOLEN tab.

Please note that some Trusted.com brands maintain a separate database of lost/stolen items. Please contact the brand directly to inquire.