How Your eTitle Can Increase Resale Price

From artwork to luxury timepieces, authenticated pre-owned luxury goods are in high demand. In fact, authenticated items have proven to sell faster and fetch higher resale prices than unauthenticated merchandise.

Selling an item registered with a eTitle can mean more money in your pocket! Because you can prove your item is authentic, you have the potential to command a higher sales price.

Essentially an electronic title, a eTitle offers potential buyers real-time verification of authenticity and provenance. Interested customers can view the eTitle by searching the serial number through and instantly confirm the item is authentic.

When selling your item, you will find it beneficial to cite the benefits of your eTitle, which is transferable to the buyer (if the eTitle has previously been registered to you).

Provides Assurance to Potential Buyers:
– Proves item is authentic, not counterfeit
– Tracks distribution chain of the item from the brand to the authorized seller
– Confirms original seller as an Authorized Dealer

Provides After-Sale Benefits to Buyer:
– Documented and verifiable proof of authenticity (useful for insurance/resale purposes)
– Increased value retention
– Potential to command a higher sales price at resale
– Ability to report a theft or lost timepiece

How To Update Your eTitle For Resale

When you post your items for sale, you will want to update the eTitle status to “available.” This status update will show potential buyers who search your eTitle through that your item is available for sale and the eTitle is available for transfer to a buyer.

Update Your eTitle to an Available Status:
1. Go to
2. Click the Sign In button and log into your account
3. Click the ETITLES hyperlink or tile
4. Click the MANAGE ETITLE button next to the item you are selling
5. Within the eTitle details, click the dropdown menu next to eTitle Status and select “Available”

How to  Transfer Your eTitle to a Buyer

The cost of transferring a eTitle to a subsequent owner or buyer is a nominal 1% fee (1% of MSRP), which can be paid by either the owner or the buyer of the item.

Transfer eTitle to a Buyer:
1. Go to
2. Click the Sign In button and log into your account
3. Click ETITLES
4. Click the MANAGE ETITLE button next to the item you wish to transfer
5. Click the TRANSFER ETITLE tab
6. Select the radio dial button for the individual (Owner or Buyer) paying the transfer processing fee
7. Enter the recipient’s email address
9. If you selected the transfer processing fee to be charged to the Owner (you), enter your payment information and click ACCEPT

Once the eTitle is transferred to the buyer, they have complete control of their eTitle and will have full access to the lasting benefits of their eTitle.