Phrases from shows we watched as kids often pop up at the oddest times.  Starting with the first episode of Sesame Street through to today, the song “One of these things is not the like the others” has played for children of all ages.  The song’s goal is simple and educational, show four items and spot the one that is different from the other three.

I bet you never thought that a song from a kid’s show that premiered over 40 years ago could have any correlation with luxury watches, but given the advancements in creating high quality counterfeits, it does.

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Below are images pulled from retailers that sell the Richard Mille 002 v2 [link to Trusted], can you spot the which one of the below images is not like the others ?


Give up or want to know the answer, click here for image above with answers?



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We showed you the earlier set of four images and wanted to see if you could spot the differences.

One of the images is of a $250,000 watch, the others are replicas from China for several hundred dollars.

Here we go….