Brand Protection Best Practices: Accessibility

Today’s luxury product market is riddled with counterfeit products, un-authorized sellers, and brand impersonation. With materials and manufacturing costs sinking, these risks will only increase.  The future of brand protection relies on giving customers the tools to verify authenticity. supports on-demand authentication from manufacture to retail to resale.

Here are 3 best practices you’ll establish by partnering with Trusted:

  1. Give customers a fast, mobile-friendly authentication tool.
    • provides product authentication from our mobile-friendly homepage. Type in the serial number of an item from any of our partnered brands and receive an immediate answer.  Learn how to locate your serial number here.
  2. Help authorized sellers compete with unauthorized sellers.
    • In order to compete with the prices offered by unauthorized sellers, there must be value in purchasing from an authorized seller.  Offer manufacturer’s warranties or eTitles to emphasize the value retention and brand support included with an authorized purchase.
  3. Make authorized sellers and their inventory easy to find.
    • Many brands rely on brick-and-mortar stores to distribute their products. Unauthorized sellers, however, operate online for maximum convenience.  To compete, authorized sellers and their inventory must be easier to find.’s Store Locator brings the closest store with your item to the top of the results.