5 Things Fake Watches Can’t Copy

Luxury watches are easy targets for counterfeiters.  The high price and social currency attributed to owning a luxury watch has created demand for lower cost versions and thus has flooded the market with fakes.  If you are seeking an authentic piece and encounter a watch from an unauthorized party, here are some factors to keep in mind that a fake cannot replicate:

  • Materials: The lower prices attributed to counterfeit watches are closely linked to the quality of its materials.  Some low quality materials are immediately evident (i.e. plastic, fake leather, etc.) while others become more apparent over time.  Be sure to cross-check the materials used by the brand before inspecting any prospective purchases by hand.
  • Weight:  Weight is often correlated with the quality of a watch’s materials and movement.  A luxury watch that is unusually light may indicate the removal or replacement of expensive materials or components.
  • Type faces and engraving:  Luxury watch brands take pride in the precision and detail in their designs. Small details like fonts and engravings are sharper, cleaner, and specifically positioned on authentic pieces.
  • Movement:  The internal mechanisms of an authentic watch are always higher quality than those of a counterfeit.  The craftsmanship put into the creation of an authentic movement results in smoother hand movements and, ultimately, a longer life.
  • Sound:  The sound a watch makes is an easy indicator of the internal quality of a luxury watch.  The higher the quality of the movement, the quieter the ticks.  An immediate red flag is a loud watch.

If you are examining a TAG Heuer or Richard Mille watch with any compromised qualities, simply locate the watch’s serial number and confirm its authenticity on Trusted.com.

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  1. I notice lots of serial numbers I see in pics do not show on your site verification tool. Specifically for Tag does this mean Always a fake or just not registered? Thx!

    1. Hi Roberto,
      Thanks for your inquiry about Trusted.com eTitles! TAG Heuer North America has partnered with Trusted.com to offer eTitle authentication for timepieces sold in the U.S. and Canada. TAG Heuer has registered eTitles for valid serial numbers of new watches currently being sold and also a limited number of watches sold prior to the Trusted.com partnership. Please note that not all timepieces will have an eTitle. When a serial number does not have a registered eTitle, it is typically due to the watch being sold/purchased outside the U.S./Canada, a watch that is pre-owned, or when the seller is not a TAG Heuer Authorized Retailer. Our Trusted.com Support Team, support@trusted.com, is glad to research why a specific serial number does not have a registered eTitle. We welcome you to email our Support Team with any serial numbers you currently own or are attempting to purchase.

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