How to Register a eTitle

Brands partnered with offer eTitle authentication– electronic titles that verify the authenticity, condition, provenance and ownership history of authentic products. Here’s how to register a eTitle for Michael Godard, TAG Heuer and National Geographic Fine Art.

How to Register a eTitle:

New Items Purchased from a Retailer 

Currently, eTitles are available for new items purchased from participating Authorized Dealers in the U.S. and Canada at the time of sale.

eTitles for such merchandise are registered via the point-of-sale application. This is a required action in order for the proper exchange of ownership to occur. If this action was not completed, we will need to contact the retailer regarding your purchase.

To further inquire about an eTitle for your purchase, contact our Support Team.

Items Purchased from Non-Participating Retailers

Items purchased from non-participating retailers may still qualify for eTitle registration. You may submit your item to a qualified Authentication Center for inspection. After authenticity is confirmed, an eTitle will be registered to you.

Authentication for Michael Godard artwork can be requested directly through Please click here to create a account and complete the eTitle request form.

Authentication for TAG Heuer timepieces can be requested by contacting TAG Heuer Customer Care (866-260-0460).

Pre-Owned Items

If the original owner has previously registered the eTitle, they will need to transfer the eTitle to you through their account.

If the original owner did not register the eTitle or there is no eTitle currently available for the item, the item will require Authentication Servicing.

Once registered to you, your eTitle provides benefits including:

  • documented and verifiable proof of authenticity and provenance (useful for insurance/resale purposes)
  • increased value retention
  • the potential to command a higher sales price at resale
  • the ability to transfer ownership if you if you sell or bequeath your item to someone else
  • the ability to report a lost/stolen timepiece

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team for more information on registering a eTitle.